Song Bird

Large Number of Mountain Bluebirds in Yellowstone National Park

Photo of mountain bluebird.
Proud Hunter

When I’m in Yellowstone in May I usually see a few mountain bluebirds and I usually try to get a decent photo of one.  I haven’t had much success until this year.  I’ve had some incredible opportunities this time.  I don’t know why this year has been different, but the number of bluebirds I’ve seen this year is much, much higher than I’ve seen before.

I photographed this male while waiting for the mother pronghorn just inside the north entrance (Roosevelt Arch) to come back to her young and feed and move them.

Photo of female mountain bluebird.
A mountain bluebird takes a perch while hunting.

I photographed this female at the same time.

Photo of a pronghorn doe and fawn.
Mom and One of Her Two Babies

Mom finally showed up and fed and moved her babies.  She hid them far from each other.  I think that is to increase the odds of fawn survival.  When she finished feeding and hiding them I went back to the bluebirds.