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  1. Hi Jim, we are enjoying your photos. Glad to hear you are seeing more bears. The Marin weather has been crazy. Rained really hard yesterday with more due tomorrow.

    I went to see the owls today but it seems the parents have moved them to a high and safe spot. This last weekend the ranchers did a roundup and I’m sure that is what scared the owls.

    Just noticed two bits of dust, one pretty big, inside of my 80-400. Seems they were left inside when repaired. They move around and I guess that is why I did not see them before. Waiting for a RA label from Nikon.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the photos and the blog. Too bad about the dust in your lens. Hopefully, they’ll turn it around quickly.


  2. Hi Jim, I finally got to spend some time looking at your website and now your blog area. I’m from
    SF, born and raised so I especially love the first picture of the Golden Gate and the coastal shots
    of the Lighthouse etc. Now I just saw some of the babies with Moms Love them also. The Wolf
    is beautiful too, I just couldn’t pick a favorite too many of them for me. I will look over all again
    soon, what a joy to see, must be why we met by chance at Lilly’s otherwise I wouldn’t have know about your work. It was a monthly lunch we do we all worked together years ago and just happened to go to Petaluma, usually we eat in Novato. Charlotte C.

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